As your sensual escort...

First to mention is that I’m flexible. Every person I meet is unique, so I cannot use a ready made manual for a date, and then move in like an actress with a learnt manuscript.

Some wish to date me as a quite an ordinary girl, like I would have been a spontaneous romance in every day life. Others wish to date me as the exotic and luxury escort courtesan, with whom they can live out their dreams and desires, far from the every day life. Some want to seduce, others want to be seduced. Most want their own personal mixture of all this, and maybe even another ingredient, that is right just for them.

I want to give a personal experience and something satisfying more than simple physical needs. I want to connect with my partner on several levels, emotionally, physically and intellectually, to create a deep going erotic and intimate experience.

High class escortservice

The most distinguishing thing with me as an high class escort is that I’m well educated and was raised in the upper middle class. I have a typical straight-forward Dutch approach of honest friendliness.

This makes me an excellent social companion, it’s easy for my clients to connect with me and feel at home in my company. I’m both a good conversationalist and a good listener. I have a lot of very personal ideas, thoughts and views to contribute to discussions, plus a genuine interest to get to know what is going on in other people’s minds and hearts. I emphasize my academic, intellectual gifts because, well, desire begins in the mind.

Whilst I am thoroughly tutored in (erotic) companionship, I will always be myself, at my very best, and will pride myself on delivering a genuine, memorable experience. I will never lose sight of the fact that if a client is deemed an acceptable gentleman, his pleasure and enjoyment is my highest priority, closely followed by my own enjoyment and safety. An experience with me is not a mechanical, cold or over-structured one, but a fresh, alluring and inventive one, as verified by my enormous return clientele. I tailor the appointment to suit your needs, no two appointments are alike.

I’m no stiff decorative doll not to be touched. No, I’m more something of a social rebel, yearning to be allowed to act out my sexuality like a man is allowed to, without being expected to guard my virtue or feel shame for being promiscuous. Though I do have one typical female feature, I enjoy sex most when I have been able to get to know my partner a little. That gives another depth, richness and intimacy to the experience.

The girlfriend experience

The idea of my intended experience, apart from providing sophisticated company and emotional pleasure, is to slowly and erotically arouse, tease and seduce you, to induce a more fulfilling girlfriend experience (GFE).

Sex is not the core of the experience. You can receive that simple service anywhere for a lot less money, if that is your goal. When you pay more for high quality service, you do so to appreciate the quality incorporated. I can create a heightened sensual experience and emotional fulfilment as opposed to just a pretty face. My escortservices are intended for clientele to whom quality is more important than price, and is a necessity rather than a little luxury.

If I am not comfortable, I will politely decline the booking, so you can be assured I actually want to be there with you, I am not pretending.

A mutually enjoyable experience

I claim to be emotionally and sexually complex enough to be able to reach into the minds of most people, and together with my partner create the unique interaction that works best for the very two of us. Seeing my partner’s desire turns me on, and with that as a starting point, I’m flexible enough to try most things.

What I offer can be described as a girlfriend experience (GFE), that is romantic, sensual and passionate. I love to kiss, cuddle, massage and make love like you would with any other girlfriend. I have a fascination for different fetishes and fantasies and enjoy the feeling of forbidden decadence associated with them. I have an extensive wardrobe of lingerie, stockings, corsets and other sexy items. If you see me wearing something in a picture that you like in particular, I would be more than happy to wear it specially for you.

I have a big interest for eroticism, how sexuality affects and energizes the whole human being. I have experimented, and have collected many experiences. I have a well developed intuition for finding the erogenous zones all over the body of my partner, and for stimulating them in a long lasting mutually enjoyable foreplay, building up the sexual tension before the actual act.

When you spend time with me always keep in mind: what you give is what you get. My girlfriends and I are not red light specials so please do not treat the service as such. Be a gentleman and a considerate lover and you’ll see that the possibilities are almost endless.