Statistics: Dutch, 32 years old, tall and very slim with a natural A-cup.

Personality: Outgoing, sweet, easygoing and warm-hearted.

Eroticism: Bisexual, openminded and romantic.



Statistics: Dutch, 25 years old, tall and feminine with a natural B-cup.

Personality: Intelligent, elegant, feminine, friendly.

Eroticism: Bisexual, openminded and seductive.



Statistics: Dutch, 30 years old, busty, slim yet curvy with a DD-cup.

Personality: Smart, outgoing, cute yet naughty and feminine.

Eroticism: Bisexual, openminded and seductive.



Statistics: Dutch, 30 years old, tall and curvy with a natural D-cup.

Personality: Intelligent, elegant, feminine and outgoing.

Eroticism: Bisexual, sensual and romantic.



Statistics: Dutch, 29 years old, feminine and slim with a natural B-cup.

Personality: Elegant, feminine, charming and easygoing.

Eroticism: Bisexual, romantic and sensual.



Statistics: Dutch, 24 years old, curvy and busty with a natural DD-cup.

Personality: Sweet, elegant, feminine and gentle.

Eroticism: Bisexual, passionate, sensual and romantic.



Statistics: Dutch, 20 years old, tall and slim with a natural A-cup.

Personality: Intelligent, sweet, easygoing and warm-hearted.

Eroticism: Bisexual, openminded and romantic.


Recruitment - Work as an escort

I am always interested in meeting new high class escorts to become one of my girlfriends. To contact me please send me an e-mail with your description, details, mobile phone number and pictures.

You must be a Dutch female between 18 and 35, beautiful inside and outside, fluent in Dutch and English, intelligent and charming. Your body should be in proportion but you can not be smaller then 160cm or be larger then size L/NL40/UK14/US14. Some things to keep in mind:

  • If you are under 20 or over 35 I am not interested in working with you.
  • Yes, you have to pay taxes. I run a legal company and pay taxes like any other agency. Questions about earnings will not be answered via email, they should be secondary and are therefore only answered during a personal interview. Your main priority should be fun, adventure, eroticism, broaden your horizon, glamour and no-strings-attached sensuality. But yes, there’s a lot of money to be made if you are the right person with the right attitude, personality and look.
  • Yes, you have to be of Dutch nationality and be fluent in Dutch and English. Other nationalities are not welcome.
  • Yes, escorting involves eroticism. It might be full sex, it might be just a massage but ladies not open to both are not welcome. This is not a dating service, it’s an escortservice. Eroticism is a part of it which you should enjoy.
  • I am interested in meeting ladies with dress size up to L/NL40/UK14/US12. If you are this size, your cup size needs to be at least D. Larger dress sizes are not accepted but larger cupsizes with up to L dress size are more then welcome.
  • Yes, I’ll take care of you. I’ll make sure you’re safe, comfortable and informed and will not introduce you to clients who use drugs, are rude, disrespectful or do not respect your boundaries. I run an high class escortservice, not a red-light special.