Interview with Anna Escort

There’s a lot to read on this website already but there will always be more questions and I hope you find the answer to them here. Feel free to ask me if you have any additional questions.

Why is a ‘girl like you’ in this industry?

I enjoy being someone’s object of desire. I have a talent for it. I like the excitement. It’s an honest way of having relationships with no strings attached. It is an outlet for skills that aren’t used in other careers. I get to meet wonderful people who I wouldn’t otherwise get to meet. I get to do things I wouldn’t otherwise get to do. I enjoy the little luxuries it affords me. Next question please.

Do you drink, smoke or use any drugs?

I’m a light social drinker and I do not smoke or use any drugs. I prefer that you do not consume a lot of alcohol or use any drugs before or during our time together. I’d like to keep it a good, clean fun. I do not mind if you want to smoke. During our date I like to drink sparkling water. As for alcoholic drinks, I enjoy a nice glass of wine but feel free to surprise me with a glass of (rosé) champagne!

What type of restaurant do you like?

I am an adventurous eater and enjoy many types of cuisine in settings from trendy and down to earth to elegant and luxurious. Fine dining is one of life’s great pleasures and one of my personal favorites. I especially like Japanese and French food but can always recommend you a suitable restaurant based on your preferences.

How will you be dressed on our date?

The phrase “turning heads, not raising eyebrows” has always been a favorite of mine. I’ll be dressed elegantly for the occasion, whatever that occasion may be. If you have something specific in mind, please let me know!

Do you visit couples?

Yes, I do. I am genuinely bisexual and enjoy visiting (male-female) couples. While I adore gentlemen, I find the aesthetic beauty and sensuality of a woman delectable.

About Anna's girlfriends

So… I’ve read all about all about Anna, the independent Dutch high class escort. But how about her “girlfriends”?

I know it is very difficult to find an high class escort who isn’t only beautiful but also intelligent. I might not be your type, but I can make it easier for you to find another high class escort by recommending you one of my girlfriends. Do not feel embarrassed to ask me about my girlfriends, I will not be offended by this in any way. I take it as a compliment that you trust me enough to let me advise you about my girlfriends. Of course a bisexual duo booking is also available! I am more than happy to indulge your duo fantasy by bringing along one of my beautiful girlfriends.

Anna's girlfriends

General information

The answers to a few general questions regarding my high class escortservice.

What is an ‘High Class Escort’?

An ‘High Class Escort’ is like a luxury car if you will. She has not had many drivers, low mileage, less wear and tear, no dents, scrapes, or bruises. She should excel in beauty, grace and performance and should not be attainable to just anyone! Her encounters are like fine wine, meant to be devoured slowly. Her sophistication and education take her beyond the hotel room as she is the kind that would not embarrass you in public. She knows how to carry on an intelligent conversation without having to use foul language to make a point.

What if upon arrival I am not happy with my choice?

For the record: This has never happened! However, I can imagine it’s rather difficult to choose an escort from an internet page. Therefore, if for any reason you are not happy with your choice, you will be asked to pay a cancellation fee of € 250. You will have to do this within the first five minutes of the booking after which a discrete exit will follow. This does not apply if you are drunk, rude, disrespectful, not clean or have taken drugs. In these cases you will be asked to pay the fee for the minimum booking in your area. I encourage you to trust your instincts. Most of my clients knew right away that I was someone whose company they would enjoy. I think I’m very easy to get along with, but of course, I’m biased! I think it’s normal to be a little nervous or anxious in advance of being with someone new. Please rest assured that I’m kind and accommodating, and I will do my best to set you at ease. You are always welcome to tell me what I can do to enhance your comfort and enjoyment while we’re together.

Can I write a review about you?

I prefer that people do not post reviews about me. Privacy is very important to me and my girlfriends, therefore we rather not see our private encounters publicized. So please do not post any graphical reviews. If you are one of the few that base decisions in the selection process upon reviews, I can tell you that we have a high clientele repeat rate as well as a high referrals rate. In addition, a lot of reviews are not real. They are posted by fakers or by the escort herself.

Pictures on this website

I know… if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. But don’t worry, all pictures are real, recent and genuine.

Is it really you in the pictures?

Yes! The photos on this website are all me, they are real, recent, genuine and a good representation of what I look like. I quite like the way I look and have no reason for deceptive practices surrounding my images. However, I have been told that my pictures do not do me justice. I can not send you additional (clear) pictures.


Why don’t you show your face?

I have a very nice face, but I don’t want to show it because I have a very active life outside of these meetings and it’s for my discretion as well as yours. Escorting is just a little adventure for me! Again… No, I really can not send you additional pictures showing my face. Same goes for my girlfriends.

Rates of this high class escortservice

My escortservices are intended for clientele to whom quality is more important than price, and is a necessity rather than a little luxury.

Why is your fee higher than average?

Easy… because our time together will be far beyond average! It is very complicated to set up a fee, which will be acceptable to both parties. Think of consultants and lawyers who easily charge you over € 250 an hour. I am sure you will agree that the fee is well worth it, after meeting me and that our time will be much more enjoyable than time spend with them!

 Another thing is that I work fully legal, meaning I pay taxes just like you. In The Netherlands, VAT (BTW) is 21% and income tax anywhere between 37 and 52%. You do the math.

Do you offer any discounts?

Sorry, my rates for times listed are not negotiable. Rates for longer periods are already adjusted. Does Chanel go on sale? No, neither do I. I wouldn’t ask for it, if it wasn’t worth it. Instead of asking for a discount, may I suggest that you consider searching for an escort better matched to your financial situation.

When do you expect payment?

Romance and finance are subjects which do not mix well. I find it best that such prosaic details are attended to quickly, so as not to intrude upon the evening. In practical terms, this means that the fee for my time can be paid cash, an envelope can be discretely handed to me at the beginning of the evening. That done, the rest of the evening can proceed without interruption. 
Payment via creditcards (Visa and Mastercard) is available at a 10% surcharge if given enough notice. Bank transfer is accepted for repeat clientele only. Payment afterwards is not possible.

Do you accept gifts and extras?

Although gifts are neither expected nor required, I certainly appreciate them. If you are feeling generous or just want to bring me a little something you are welcome to view my Wish List.

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Client requirements and preferences

Despite this being a business arrangement… it’s a very personal arrangement as well. I too have preferences…

Is there some sort of ‘clientele requirement’ you have?

Yes, I do. My girlfriends and I are exclusive high class ladies and wish to see only a few gentlemen every month. It is not my intention to run all over town, an hour here an hour there. Instead I am looking for real date-like experiences with special gentlemen who know how to treat a lady. Good communication is important to me, therefore you need to be fluent in a language that I am fluent in. For most of my girlfriends and me this means you have to be fluent in either Dutch or English. I ask that you be over 21 (girlfriends) or 30 (Anna), attentive, discrete, clean, respectful and friendly and we will have a great time together! Of course charming and witty with a good sense of humor never hurt anyone either… There are some things that every man can do to make many girls like you and I am no different from those girls. These things are simple, like being well groomed, clean with a nice perfume, wearing your favorite outfit and just being a gentleman!

What type of men do you like?

I do not have a specific physical look that I always like. I believe that someone’s inside shows on the outside and that character is so much more important than looks. More than once I’ve found it to be just as pleasant between the sheets with someone who didn’t happen to be “mister universe”. In addition, your skin color makes no difference either. I absolutely love men that can make me laugh, adore men who make me feel like a lady, and expect men to be clean, respectful and kind.

What type of women do you like?

I don’t think I would ever fall in love with a woman, but being intimate with one is like heaven. I like women who are very feminine, round, soft and curvy. You can be curvy at a size 2 or 20, that doesn’t matter. Femininity comes from the inside. I do have a special thing for women dressed to kill in heels and sexy dresses though…

Availability and schedule

So you’ve decided you want to meet me… great! But please read a little more about my availability as well.

What is your schedule like?

My availability is by appointment, daytime and evenings. Since I have an active life outside these adventures and like to plan ahead, I highly recommend that you give me as much advance notice as you can. Besides, I’d like to have enough time to get ready to see you. The bookings I do are like ‘dates’ to me and I enjoy looking forward to them just as much as you do. The anticipation to meeting you is also part of the fun!

Are you also available on short notice?

No, I am not available on short notice and require at least 24 hours notice but more is preferred. My girlfriends are usually available on short notice. I only want to meet persons that are completely at terms with themselves about meeting me. I don’t want to take advantage of unstable persons, that might act very impulsive due to sudden desire, intoxication or mental disorders, and cause them a situation there they will be broke for the rest of the month and regret seeing me. Another thing to mention is that I never come running to you with an unfocused mind or a sloppy appearance. I don’t show up in clothes worn all through the day, no shower since morning, and my thoughts wandering on work, or the next getting together with my girlfriends.

Can I meet you for a drink or a cup of coffee, to see if I like you?

Experience has shown that a gentleman with this type of request is not serious about this type of endeavor. I refuse to play games. My website should hopefully answer any questions you may have about personality etc. I think you’ll be hard pressed to find another escort who provides such exhaustive information about herself. If you’re not inspired to meet me by what I’ve made available, we’re probably not a good fit. I am proud to say that I have always met and exceeded expectations. So, the answer is no. If you are wanting to make certain that we would be fun travel buddies together, then by all means, please schedule the 3 hour booking first.

Booking information

Some more information on bookings with Anna high class escortservice.

Why do you require a three hour minimum?

I think both of us will feel more comfortable if we have some time to get to know each other and don’t feel rushed. That’s why my minimum booking is three hours. My girlfriends are available for two hour bookings. I especially like dinner dates because it gives us a chance to talk and get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. A dinner date combines the things all men like best: wonderful food, a lovely lady and ‘desert’…

Where can I meet you?

I can visit you at the (4 or more star) hotel you’re staying in or at your private residence. It is up to you to arrange the hotel. For repeat clientele only I offer incall in a luxury apartment in the center of Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Can you travel to meet me?

Yes, I can. National and international travel is possible. Most of my bookings are in the larger cities in The Netherlands (Holland) such as AmsterdamRotterdam, The Hague, Schiphol Amsterdam airport, Utrecht and Eindhoven but I also visit smaller Dutch towns and international destinations. I love to travel and can meet you in any major city worldwide. Please note that travel expenses may apply.

What happens after submitting a booking request?

I will review your information, verify it, then contact you via e-mail about my availability for the requested date/time and the exact rate. On the day of the booking, I will call you to confirm the booking.

What do you do with the personal details I give you?

I trust that gentlemen understand a lady needs to ensure her safety. Please keep in mind that all information you provide to me is kept strictly confidential. I will not keep your details in a database, they will be removed after our date. For bookings, I need certain details, like your real name and other personal details. I use these details to make sure I am at the right time at the right place, dressed as you prefer and to know a little bit about you. These details also make me feel a bit more secure that you are really interested in meeting me. Any wrong information given will lead to cancellation of the booking.

Contact Anna Escort

You can reach me daily between 10.00AM and midnight. During these hours I’ll usually answer my phone and respond to your emails within 6 hours.

Are you the one answering your emails and calls?

Yes, I answer my own emails and calls and do my own screening. However… I do go on the occasional holiday and do not like answering my phone during bookings, so there are moments where I will not be able to take calls or answer emails. During such periods, your calls and urgent emails will be forwarded to my personal assistant. If this is the case, I will place a notification on my website.


Why don’t you answer my call?

Normally, you can call me between 10:00 (10:00 AM) and midnight. When I have other engagements I usually do not answer my phone. It is also possible that I am not able to answer my phone because you are calling me while there are other people around me. I often don’t answer blocked numbers so make sure your number identification is on! If I do not answer, you can leave me a clear Dutch or English spoken voicemail or send me an e-mail.