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In one way I find it rather plump and distasteful, to here on my public website give a detailed account for what kind of sex possible is during private time together. But, since I get so many emails asking for such details, I think it anyway could be relevant to give it some public space.

The Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

My girlfriends and I do not offer a simple ‘service’. We offer an ‘experience’, a so-called Girlfriend Experience (GFE), that is romantic, sensual and passionate. We love to kiss, cuddle, massage and make love like you would with any other girlfriend. We enjoy long foreplay and sex in different positions. Rates are not based on what we do and the amount of orgasms, but on time. We treat everyone we see as unique individuals, so don’t have a ready made script for what to do, like a rewind toy or anything.

The majority of my girlfriends and I are bisexual and enjoy visiting couples or visit you together for a bisexual threesome duo booking. When we spent time with a couple, we offer the same Girlfriend Experience as we would when we spent time with a gentleman alone. We enjoy eroticism with both men and women and will actively participate when in a threesome. I know it doesn’t sound fair but we offer uncovered oral massage to women. In addition, my girlfriends and I are more than willing to fully oblige, fulfilling “every man’s fantasy” in a most unforgettable fashion during a bisexual duo booking.

Sexuality is not only very personal, it heavily depends on the mood and person. Therefore lists of ‘do’s and don’ts’ are not available. A definite ‘NO’ is of course unsafe and unprotected sex and the common extremes. Also, you can not take pictures or make a video. Other than that, either me or one of my girlfriends is usually available and interested to meet a special request. We are very openminded but the only guarantee we can make is our full commitment to offer a mutually enjoyable and special encounter. If your enjoyment of the time together is solely depending on the availability of a particular service, I recommend you search for an escort who guarantees this service. We’re just not a match. If ‘what you get’ is what is important to you, as opposed to a mutually enjoyable and special encounter, then please look elsewhere. Treat us as you would a girlfriend. Do you ask your girlfriend “so what will I ‘get’ tonight?” ? No. Then don’t treat us any differently, we will respond like any woman would to that question…