Booking suggestions

For your and my pleasure I have some suggestions for fun bookings. In case you need some inspiration, I hereby invite you to take a look at the suggestions.

Tourist for a day

Not that familiar with Rotterdam or Amsterdam? They are both really fun cities that I know my way around. We can go for a walk throughout the city and visit a museum and have a nice evening over dinner at a restaurant that tourists do not visit. Suggestion: 11.00AM – 11.00AM, 24 hour private date, € 2750


Personal Shopper

I already have a closed full of clothing and shoes, so no need to shop for me. But how about you? Many men find it hard to shop and there comes an age where bringing your mom is no longer an option. I gladly escort you to some shops, after which we enjoy some drinks at a terras and enjoy the rest of the evening. Suggestion: 15.00PM – 03.00AM, 12 hour dinner date, € 2000


Wellness pleasure

There are several luxurious sauna’s in The Netherlands that we can visit for a wellness day. Warm up in the sauna, cool down in a cold bath and a hamam treatment that will make your skin soft as silk. I will give you a massage when back in private! Suggestion: 12.00AM – 24.00PM, 12 hour dinner date, € 2000


Culinary enjoyment

I love fine food and very much enjoy visiting a luxurious michelin star restaurant. Sharing this with a like minded person is something I enjoy even more. While enjoying the amazing food and drinks we get to know each other a little better, after which we enjoy the rest of the evening in private. Are you a master chef yourself? Let’s cook together! Suggestion: 18.00PM – 02.00AM, 8 hour dinner date, € 1600


A cozy evening

Luxury dinners are amazing but sometimes it is just as much fun to spend the evening at home, on the couch, watching a movie together. Specially when you’re single this can be very nice. I gladly snuggle up into your arms and will bring the popcorn! Suggestion: 20.00PM – 01.00AM, 5 hour private date, € 1300


Female Fantasy

A popular fantasy among women is to make love to an other woman. As a bisexual woman I can only agree to that. In a relaxed atmosphere we will get to know each other, and discover each others’ body and sensuality. Suggestion: anytime, 3 hour private date, € 950


Male Fantasy

A popular male fantasy is a threesome with two bisexual women. You will be the envy of all men with two beautiful women by your side at a trendy cocktailbar or restaurant, but if you require more discretion we gladly sneak up to your room for an exciting date. Suggestion: 19.00PM – 01.00AM , 6 hour dinner date, € 2450


Couple Fantasy

With the above fantasies in mind, it will come as no surprise many couples enjoy inviting an other bisexual woman for an exciting threesome. I gladly make this fantasy come true and will of course keep in mind your desires and boundaries. Suggestion: 20.00PM – 24.00PM, 4 hour private date, € 1350


Erotic Massage

Throughout the years I’ve learned a lot about erotic massage. I find it a great way to get to know your body. You will relax but at the same time feel excited from my touches. The only thing you have to do is lay down and enjoy, I will do the rest. Suggestion: 21.00PM – 24.00PM, 3 hour erotic massage package, € 1000


Naughty or very naughty?

Do you have a special fantasy that you want to become reality? As long as it’s safe and with respect, I am open to many things. So do you want to spank or be spanked? Wrestle in chocolate saus? Discover anal zones? Just tell me, the pleasure is all mine! Suggestion: 21.00PM – 24.00PM, 3 hour private date, € 950