Wishlist of an exclusive escort

This list was compiled specifically by request and is designed for those who wish to find it helpful. I absolutely delight in tokens of your appreciation, big and small. In no way, shape or form is it implication of requirement or expectation on our meeting.

  • Flowers: I love the smell of flowers, especially colourful flowers.
  • Lingerie: Gorgeous under things are my personal fetish. My bra size is a (75G) 34G, all luxurious lingerie shops have this size. I wear a large for most other things. My favorite brands are Elixir by Lejaby and Fauve by Fantasy. I adore a sexy glamour look in black, darker colours or very bright colours, in see-through or with lace. I prefer bodies, stockings and holdups by Wolford (size M).
  • A new bicycle with extra lock.
  • Your favorite CD/book/DVD.
  • Sexy shoes with high heels. I wear a size 38 (Dutch), 5 (UK) or 7.5 (US).
  • Luscious bodycreams and massage oils.
  • Champagne with strawberries on our date.
  • Fragrances: I am very open to trying new and exciting fragrances so if you have discovered something wonderful, by all means share your find with me. Some of my favorites are Chanel Mademoiselle, Allure and Sensuelle.
  • Stylish accessories: what looks better on a beautiful woman than a convertible… I think I should really have one, don’t you?
  • Gift certificate for sauna, spa and massage.
  • A souvenir from your country.
  • Exclusive Jewelry… I am a woman, after all (white gold and diamonds are my favorites).